20 Jan 2014

The first Post-Soviet Olympics - 2

Security concerns of the Sochi Olympics - Part 2


Counterterrism measures - facts, figures and predictions




7 February - 23 February


7 March - 16 March

Forces deployed

  • More than 40,000 police are expected to be on duty during the games and will be trained to converse with spectators in three languages other than Russian (English, French and German). They will also have a 24-hour hotline available for assistance.
  • Roughly 30,000 members of the armed forces will deploy to the Sochi area.
  • A Russian military group dubbed "Operations Group Sochi" is expected to supervise and secure the mountainous belt from Sochi to Mineralnye Vody near the Olympic Mountain Cluster using roughly 10,000 troops.
  • Russia's 58th Army will be responsible for securing and supervising the southern border with Georgia.
  • Surveillance for the games will include drones, reconnaissance robots, sonar systems and high-speed patrol boats.
  • A computer system called Sorm will be upgraded and operational to monitor all Internet and communication traffic by Sochi residents, visiting competitors and spectators during the Olympics in the hopes of intercepting any sensitive information that could help to avoid any potential disruptions.

  • More info about security zones: http://www.stratfor.com/analysis/sochi-2014-security-challenge

    As a considerable part of Russia's security forces will be guarding the olympic venue and its surroundings, Stratfor predicts that attacks will most likely be carried out outside Sochi, in other Caucasian locations or in major cities like Moscow. Soft targets are most likely to be attecked as it was in the case of the 2011 Elbrus attack which was presumably considered as a repetition for the Sochi games.  

    If news about the alleged killing of Doku Umarov will prove to be true, a retaliatory attack can be expected. Although it is also possible, that this is only a manoeuvre in the propaganda war of Russian and Islamic militants. But if Caucasus Emirate has now indeed lost they leader, are they capable to promptly carry out such well organized attacks?

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